Airport check in

I’m sitting on the magical express now heading to the airport. I used airline check in at 9am this morning for our bags.

Just to be clear I don’t have anything else to do with them. They’ll be on my flight?

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As long as you attached the yellow tags before checking in at your origin point, yes.

You are going home? They will be then when you get home. One time my bags actually got on an earlier flight! In that case they were waiting in the airport office. That happened once in 20 times?

Yes, I’m headed home

That worries me. I dropped them off at 9:00 am and our flight heads home at 9:40 pm with about 3 direct MCO-PIT flights in between.

I wouldn’t worry. They always make it!

Off to an interesting start. The bus driver locked himself out of the bus and being in the first row I got to make the decision of letting him back in or stealing the bus.

(Before someone over reacts I opened the door.)



Oh. Oops. Lol. Read that backy

Omg. That’s hilarious!! Safe trip home!

I love resort check-in! Makes the last day super stress free! My bags have beaten me home once when we flew Delta home. I received a call from an employee LAX before we even left MCO that my bag was there and where to pick it up.

We fly JetBlue now and they go home with me.

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Resort check in on our last is what really sealed my DHs thoughts on Disney----“this is awesome!! They think of everything!”