Airfare-how do you book? Insurance-what do you usually do?

I am just wondering what everyone usually does? Should book direct thru JetBlue? should I call Disney and book thru them.
I also read some things about the insurance with Disney, if we get delayed from leaving from weather and have to stay is that covered? I heard some people being reimbursed for that, or the change of flight costs. I really know nothing about the insurance but wondering if it is a good idea since we will be traveling in Sept and that is hurricane season… Thoughts.

Go with whatever gives you a better deal - I usually book directly with the airline.

For good info on insurance, check out (they say that it is “super important” to buy insurance if you are visiting during peak hurricane season). Coverage from different carriers varies wildly, so make sure that the risks that you want to avoid are covered in the policy that you finally choose.

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