Ahh memorial day

It just occurred to me that due to my work schedule, I have thursday-monday (memorial day) off in may. I was thinking about (ok already researched room rates and booked park reservations) heading down thursday night and coming home monday or sunday. I’m looking into flights (EEk, kinda not cheap) but If I really wanted to, I could swing it.

worth it? or not…

We’re going next month already for school vacation week and returning for 8 days in august. I’m a regular visitor (3 or 4 times a year) so I don’t feel the need to spend all day at the parks. Me and DD could do a half day then pool time and dinner.
I’m half talking myself into it, and half talking myself out of it…

how is that weekend anyways?

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Google says:
There are 15 weekends from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day, a mere fraction of the calendar in which to do all of those things you put off for when the weather improved, or when the kids …

all holiday weekends generally see more visitors


I’ll be there that weekend, so I hope not bad! We will be there for 2 weeks though so we are hedging if there are a few busy days.


we were there memorial weekend in 2018 and it was totally fine. I am confident that liners don’t have to worry as much about crowds :slight_smile: (me boosting my confidence about going for spring break next week). But for my one data point on Memorial Day, it was great.

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I’ve done that weekend twice and am planning on it this year too. Pretty nice crowds and weather usually as far as holiday weekends go. I say go for it!

Now I really want to go. Especially considering two people just gave their notice at work and we are already short 3 more. My summer is looking bleak (I work in a hospital so I’ll be forced to work weekends to fill holes). But oh the price tag on flights…
Right now $250 one way for one ticket… I’m keeping an eye. I need to run some numbers :grimacing::roll_eyes:


We’ve done Memorial Day weekend and am considering it this year. In my experience, it hasn’t been bad. The weekend itself is a little busier, but it’s usually before the northern schools let out for summer, so in the past not as crowded as later June. Not quite as oppressively hot either. Hard to say what is going on in the pandemic era though.