Ah! The new site looks great but I can't access any of the old info that I love!

Hi - Been using Touringplans for a few years, on several Disney World trips.

I’ve LOVED the data tools - I would copy/paste the full crowd calendar and do analysis to find the best days to go based on predicted crowds, open hours, Florida temperature and ticket prices. Now I can’t find a lot of my old friends…

I.e., the old crowd calendar, the hourly crowd views by park by day, the ride wait times throughout the day, etc. I’m a data junkie and I have got spreadsheets upon spreadsheets. Half the fun of a Disney vacation was the analysis and planning. That’s for me. The actual trip is for my kids.

Is there anyway I can access the old site, or at least the specific data and charts? Or is that not accessible anymore? I’ll be so sad.

I’m really hoping I’m just a dunce at finding what I’m looking for given the new layout.

Thanks, all.


Welcome! Ask any questions, we are here to help you navigate.

There is a partial fix.

For me, I’ve found that the historical crowds were just as or more accurate than the crowd calendar forecasts for predicting crowd levels for future dates. That old Historical Crowds page is still active.

From there, after you click on any month, you can access more of the old pages. The old “Crowd and Hours Tracker” is still active. Once you track your dates, you can view future days in the old style, the only thing missing are the ticket prices and “What to Look Out For” info. You just need to use the “Jump to Date” tool to add future individual days. Once you’re on a specific day, select “Track This Day”. The predicted crowd levels and park hours are displayed on the Crowd Tracker. Note, that you must untrack days from the individual page.

When you’re on an individual future date, you can still click on the “view park wait times” to see all the predicted data. These pages will list the holidays and average temperature for that date. And you can still view the data on an individual attraction and jump to a different future date.

I’m going to post some screenshots here so you can see what pages are still available that may be useful for you.

I’ll add that all of this data I showed, you can still access from the new site, it just takes longer to find and has a different layout. You’ll find it all from starting at the New Crowd Calendar. To see the historical data, look for the “View Past Dates” option on the top left of the first month.

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I just renewed my subscription and hope I just haven’t figured this new website out. Where is the crowd tracker . Mine doesn’t look anything like your screenshot of April 24,2024. How do I find that look?

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Thank you so much, that helps, but I can’t find this on my dashboard.

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No problem.

It’s not there. Len left the old Historical Crowd pages for us data nerds, which includes the crowd tracker.

I just keep it bookmarked.

Sorry I took so long to respond - Bebe, you’re a lifesaver.

The only thing I’m missing (and really, I just want an example - I don’t necessarily need the forecasted park and day…) is the crowd level for each of the WDW parks throughout the course of a day in a linear heat map.

I.e., I remember being able to see 4 lines (the 4 parks), typically with green (i.e., lower crowds) from early entry to ~1/2 hour after general park open, peaking late afternoon (red), then tapering off until close. Are those still available? Otherwise I would roughly use the ride time charts as a proxy for crowds over the course of a day.

If I had the ultimate ask, I’d love to get access to the Touring Plans database, but I know that’s not going to happen :). Maybe when I retire I’ll volunteer to be a data analyst with Touring Plans… :slight_smile:

Thanks again Bebe!!!

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Argh, I just spent some time trying to figure all of this out.

I can’t get the same data view where I could cut and paste a year’s worth of crowd calendaring into a spreadsheet where I could try to optimize crowds, costs and park hours… I’m super bummed. And funny enough I just got a reminder that my subscription is about to expire (I’ve had it for several years! - all 3!).

NOT to take away from this site, but are there any other sites people use to grab Disney/Universal data? I love Touring Plans and I’ll continue to use for planning, but for data analysis, I’m completely lost…


This is not available anymore, but Len had said he is leaving the door open to bringing it back in the future.

Yeah, it’s not as great. The ticket costs are gone. But this is what I get from copy & paste (from Row View), shown below.