Agent P's World Showcase Adventure sign up questions

I wish Disney’s website was a bit more specific when it came to how attractions work when they aren’t straightforwards rides. I’m trying to fit Agent P’s into our day.

If you’re using your own smartphone, do you need to go somewhere within Epcot to sign up or can you do it all online?

If you need to go somewhere within Epcot, can you do that earlier in the day and then do the hunt later in the afternoon?

I have wondered this too. I looked it up but it wants you to be in Epcot before I can access anything.

Yes, we signed up at a little kiosk (near Mexico if I remember correctly) and they told us how to start our adventure. I’m not sure whether you HAVE to get help there but we did because we weren’t sure what we were doing. You then pick a country for your first mission and you can head there at your leisure. You just start the mission whenever you get there. After you finish your first adventure in whichever pavilion, the app will prompt you to pause, choose another pavilion to keep playing, or end. We were there last March, so I’m not sure if anything has changed. I would say to allow 10 minutes to set up at the kiosk (it really took 2 but just in case). The missions take anywhere from 15-40 depending on if you rush from point A to point B, walk with a 4 year old, or get sidetracked in the gift shop on your way to another location :slight_smile: Lots of fun–my kids have always enjoyed it from about age 4-teen.

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We did Agent P’s on our last trip. We just used our smart phones and never signed up anywhere.


Thanks @momfourmonkeys and @bethannke! That is so helpful. I’ve been poking around online and couldn’t find that info. I was hoping you could sign up on your phone and wouldn’t have to rush off to start the hunt right away.

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How do you sign up on your phone? Is it part of the My Disney Experience app? Thanks for the help.

Per, go to and you’re off.

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Thanks for the info. Were you able to use the park’s wifi or did you have to use your own data?

I haven’t been yet, so I don’t know. I’m assuming you can use wifi, but I’ve heard the wifi signal isn’t great in the parks so it may take some data.

We were able to use the WiFi, but as @Beth33 mentioned, the connection at times can be less than stellar.

That’s exactly right! The link is also located on MDE at the very bottom of the info page for Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Easiest was to find it is to just use the search field.

Good to know where to find the site. That’s what the guys at the kiosk showed us. And after that it’s super easy.

If we don’t need to register or return the phones, does Agent P still have the 6 PM deadline per the touring plans? (I had to remove it from our TP as we won’t start the worldshowcase until around 5PM, so there was no time for it.)

I also have this question! Would love to know…

We found that in each country that had an Agent P adventure, it took about 30 minutes to finish the task, give or take. Only a few of the countries are involved, so you can just take your time around the countries and do them as you encounter them.

SInce we found their WIFI sketchy at best (constantly dropping connection) we ended up checking out one of their phones (which the employees seemed taken aback at the idea we didn’t have a smart phone with data!). There was no actual sign-out. They just handed us a phone. We returned it after we were done with the countries.

The kids really enjoyed it. If they are old enough, you can actually send them off to do the adventure while you do your own thing. (My wife and I did this in China…we took 30 minutes to have a little “date”, eating some Chinese food alone while they were following the clues.) But if your kids are younger, then that might not be an option.

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