Agent P in Epcot?

Currently in Epcot and have been searching for Agent P for about 45 minutes. No one (CMs) seems to know where it is or if it is even around. Has anyone heard anything? Is it still here?

I just looked on the website ( and copied this for you. It also shows it as being available today (Monday Dec 5) from 11 am to 5 pm. Hope you can find it!

The Briefing
Your mission, should you choose to accept, begins at the Odyssey Bridge. Upon signing up and reporting for duty, new “agents” can opt to use an official FONE—code for Field Operative Notification Equipment—or their own smartphone to connect with the powers that be at OWCA, aka, “The Agency”.

Major Monagram and his intern Carl will send agents a series of clues (via text) that must be solved before Dr. Doofenshmirtz wreaks havoc with his dastardly deeds. Up to 4 Guests can join forces and share an interactive device, so be sure to enlist only the bravest, smartest and most fearless friends and family!

Clues will lead you through one of the following destinations:

China Pavilion
France Pavilion
Germany Pavilion
Italy Pavilion
Japan Pavilion
Mexico Pavilion
United Kingdom Pavilion
Each pavilion hosts a different spy-centric adventure that lasts 30 to 45 minutes, so try them all. After successfully maneuvering through the mission, agents will experience a very special “thank you” for helping save the world and giving Doof the boot!

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drives me nuts when CMs seem clueless to something that’s been around for several years.

what’s the update? did you find the sign up kiosks?

last i knew, there was one at the international gateway area, just past the UK. the other was along the walkway between FW & WS.

Thank you! We finally found it. There is one kiosk on the center path between FW and WS. As long as you sign up between 11-5 and use your own phone, you can play up until 9pm. My boys have been having a blast with it. :grinning:


Glad you found it! It’s a lot of fun - enjoy! :smile:


Thank goodness, my kids are so excited to do that!

I can’t wait to try Agent P. The last time we were there they still had the Kim Possible version of the game.

Can anyone comment on which countries they have enjoyed the most? Should I just let my kid pick the country they are most interested in? I think we will probably only have time for one.

We enjoyed Germany and Japan the most

Thanks :slight_smile:

We have only done France but quite enjoyed it. I found this review that gives a bit of a description of each country’s adventure (if you don’t mind a bit of a ‘spoiler’). It might be worth a read! :smile: