Agent P Closing :'(

Look, i get it, no one even knows who Phineas and Ferb are anymore. But when i went in 2016 on a trip with just my husband and I, this was one of my favorite things and fondest memories and has led to me determined to do every type of scavenger hunt/game thing available in WDW. I was looking forward to May when i would once again be able to do Agent P, SotMK, and add in Pirate’s Adventure, the stuff in SWGE, and Wilderness Explorers. Side note: Anything I’m missing there?

I fare thee well Agent P. Thank you for many good times- that one time i visited Epcot.

Am i wrong to hope that the Ducktails replacement will be ready by May? Yes. Yes i probably am. But you can’t kill hope, folks. You just can’t.


Oh no, I loved Agent P! But you’re right, I don’t think kids are watching it anymore. It was so much fun though.

We loved doing Agent P and Pirates treasure hunt in MK.

I hope ducktails will be as fun.

I’m really hoping the turnaround to Ducktales is quick! Was planning on this being something to get the kids engaged in WS (which we basically skipped entirely on our first trip).

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I hope so too!! how old are your kids? My husband and i had a lot of fun with Kidcot too… we’re not children, i swear. but i’m so glad that at Disney i get to act like it! :grin:

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They used to have something before Agent P. They let you rent out phones I think? All I can remember is you would hear, “doot doot doot doot” all over world showcase. So hopefully they’ll do just as well with this replacement.

Kim Possible. Same idea, using pager type handsets.

That was the first one we tried with the boys.


Yes! Thank you! It was really annoying me I couldn’t remember anything other than, “doot doot doot doot.”

right! Yes. kim possible and the naked mole rat. When we did Agent P in 2016, we had the option to rent out the burner phones or use our own. We chose the burner phones. Much more in character.

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8, 10, and 13 (all boys). The now 13yo and I did the UK pavilion with Agent P on our last visit and it was super fun, so I was really counting on it to convince the kids to fully explore WS!

Does Kidcot count? Not really a scavenger hunt but you can do activities and collect stamps from each of the Epcot pavilions.

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Has Agent P actually closed already or is it just upcoming? Do we know the exact closing date? Going in March and was really looking forward to doing it again.

It’s set to close on February 17th. So much for a heads up.

Ugh, this sucks - we had planned to do this on our trip in two weeks! I wonder why they wouldn’t wait until Duck Tales was ready to take Agent P away?

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Boo! I love Agent P, I’ve done Germany, Japan and the UK. Had hoped to finish the rest. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know who Phineas & Ferb are, I didn’t and it was still fun.


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My hubby is super disappointed. I really hope they have Duck Tales in place by March 11th, or we may not even hit Epcot on our trip.

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I think the Epcot festivals usually have some kind of scavenger hunt too. There’s usually a small fee ($8 or so) for a map and then you go around world showcase finding the hidden Remy’s in each pavilion for Food and Wine fest, the Figment art in each pavilion for Festival of the Arts, etc. I’m not sure if this extends for all of Flower and Garden festival that will be running in May when you are there, but I’ve read they have an Easter Egg scavenger hunt in world showcase at least earlier during the festival. When you finish these scavenger hunts, you show the completed map and get a festival specific “prize” (…for which you prepaid).


That’s hardcore. And i love you for it. Because i can tell y’all understand my pain here.

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I assume there has to be a gap between Agent P and Duck Tales because they’ll have to change out the portals and so on. It isn’t just the app itself that needs changing.

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I miss Phineas and Ferb too. You used to be able to meet them in HS too

I will say the last time we played Agent P, it felt like it was in need of an update, so I’m excited it’s going to get a refresh.