Agency Exclusives going away?

Just got off the phone with a TA at Pixie Dust and Pirate Hooks- they said Disney is choosing not to continue agency exclusives with travel agencies beginning 2020! Whaaat?! That sucks! Anyone else know anything about this?

I spoke with my MVT agent, and she said their are still no agency exclusives for 2020, but they may have them later on. Right now, she’s taking bookings at Disney’s best rate and says those people already booked with her and other MVT agents will get first crack at any exclusives they get later. I don’t really know what that means, but from her wording, it sounds like it may be a possibility. The wording and message seem intentionally vague though. I hope this is not the end of agency exclusives!!

When did your agent say that? There are discounts for MVT but not tickets.

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I got an MVT agency exclusive for February of 2020…

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They started with Pop only and adding more resorts for some dates:


Maybe they only stopped agency exclusives with PH&PD then.

There’s a huge gap between March 12 and Oct 25, 2020 though…

Right. So do you think that means they won’t have any or that they haven’t been released yet? Or something else?

My personal opinion is that they just haven’t been released yet. SWGE is throwing many wrenches around… and I believe this is one of them. If Disney finds that it isn’t getting the hotel & ticket sales it expected, we’ll see more discounts thru Disney and agency exclusives added at a later date.

I was looking for Fall 2020. Maybe those aren’t out yet? But encouraging you got it for Feb.

I asked about Sept 2020 just last week. Maybe it’s too early for that time period. Good to know there are discounts.

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I believe that may be the case

I had made a note for myself months ago that for a resort reservation in March 2020, I should check in mid-September 2019. I remember I did a lot of web surfing trying to confirm when March 2019 was released but I can’t remember whether I was successful and that’s why I wrote myself the note. Or I may have read someone else speculating that as the date and that’s where it came from. As I get older I guess I really need to add a little more detail when I write myself notes for the future :laughing:

I was hoping they would be adding more resorts moving forward. I was able to get Pop for a couple of nights in March as an add on to a DVC stay.

I booked an agency exclusive with MVT for Nov 2020 about a month ago.


Awesome! Yeah I’m seeing that now for Pop in Nov. Still nothing for September it looks like! I hope they can do their Labor Day deals in 2020.

They had a hard time with the Labor Day deals this year too. Sometimes it takes a while.

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