Afternoon Tea after the Parade

My kids love the parade and I have us watching it at 3pm, in Liberty Square area (where it begins). This way, we can be done by 3:15 and head over to GF for Afternoon Tea. My reservation is for 3:50pm. Is this cutting it too close? Also would you all recommend taking the boat or monorail to GF?

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The parade begins in Frontierland. It takes maybe 5-10 minutes to get to Liberty Square. You want to be at the beginning of the parade to have any chance of making it.

You’d need to get back to the Hub and cut through the shops along Main Street to get out.

My concern is whether you could do that before the parade reaches Town Square, when you wouldn’t be able to cross to get out of MK. I can’t remember how long the parade takes to reach the Hub. You’d be coming from Adventureland, so would need to fight through the crowds lined up n front of Casey’s. I know there’s supposed to be a way clear, but it depends on people listening to the CMs.

Assuming you do, then if there’s a boat waiting or you can see it coming in, then get on it. Otherwise get the monorail. I think the boat goes to GF first, then the Poly. If in doubt, I would get the monorail.

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As @Nickysyme said you would need to be at the very beginning of the parade. Then you would have to turn and move very fast, going towards Crystal Palace- walking through the stored, out to the front of the park. If you do not get out of MK before the parade gets to Town Square you will not be able to cross. I have done this with three, very fast walking adults.

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I didn’t even think about the town square part! Do you all know late policy for ADRs? Lol. Lets say i’m 10 minutes late, should be ok?

You should be fine. I made that run one day trying to get to WL for DME. I was prepared to take Uber/Lyft. I was surprised how fast The front of the parade made it to Town Square.

We are hoping to do the same thing. If the parade moves that quickly, wouldn’t it be just about as effective to wait at Town Square and go to the boat without crossing the street?

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good point! i just feel like it’s harder to find a good spot for viewing over there.

It is unless you want to stake out a spot in town Square super early

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What I’m interested in at the parade is the Maleficent dragon. As soon as I get a look at that we’ll be on our way!

Unfortunately for you, she will be near the back of the parade (if she goes where she used to be).

Is she coming back?!

You may need to visit Disneyland Paris for that.

The WDW one has been out for repairs for some time now, with no announced date of return.

Well, thanks for the info on Maleficent/Dragon. If she’s not there, I suppose I can find out from a Cast Member on the day. That will simplify things. Although… Now I realize our Splash Mountain FP+ is for 2:30! We’ll have to hightail it to get to the ferry before the parade gets to Town Square. LOL

She’s baaaack!!!



I am quite please to be able to eat my words on this warning.

Glad to see her returning!!!


Someone on chat said she won’t breath fire though. I don’t know if that’s true.

The video shows her breathing fire… I don’t see why they wouldn’t have her breathe fire as normal. DPB seems to be saying that there are some new safeguards on the firebreathing as well, though that’s inferred rather than 100% explicit.

Given that she’s due to return for the first time for the parade that starts in 3 hours, I suppose we’ll just have to find out when she starts rolling.

Here’s the full Disney Parks Blog post:

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Yeah I’ve read it and seen the video. I’m just reporting what was said, nobody said the person was wrong or reacted to it like it was a joke, though it might have been. It would be a bit strange if true.

It does say they are “keeping her in check” but since the parade does not run at night, it looks like they have been trying her out?

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