Afternoon/ evening in AK

Hi all,

It will be our first trip to Florida in April and we have two weeks staying onsite at WDW. First week we are rope dropping the parks, second we will sleep in a little, enjoy the resort and head to the parks later in the day so we can do the evening shows and night time experiences.

I’m having some problems with my AK touring plan as the park is due to close at 8pm yet sunset is apparently 7.52 - I’ve had to delete Tree of Life Awakenings in order to evaluate/ optimise and it is now not listed as an attraction I can add to my plan, any ideas what to do? I’m sort of assuming it will be on as I’m looking at the busy week before Easter and I understand they’ve done something new to the show to include the Lion King?

The Disney website states that Rivers of Light show will be on at 8.30, do they put it on after park close or do I assume that they are going to extend the park hours?

What would you recommend as after dark experiences at AK? We have ROL, EE, Tree of Life, Pandora on the list and possibly the safari at dusk/twilight. Would the safari be good at 7pmish?

Do we need a FP for ROL? What time will we need to get to ROL seating both with or without FP? Was thinking we could get a FPP for FOP, Safari and either EE or ROL.

Any useful tips gratefully received!

Thanks, Brizz

I think the safari cut off time is 1 hour before sunset. We did that in January (5 pm) and it was a really good safari. If sunset is 7:52, I think they’ll be extending AK hours until 9. It seems weird that the evening show would start 30 minutes after park closing. They usually start at park closing.

AK doesn’t have a lot of evening stuff to do. It sounds like you have them all already listed. I don’t think ROL is that great, so I wouldn’t recommend getting a FP for it. It’s a pretty big seating area, but the night we saw ROL was a CL 5/6 so I will defer to someone else for what time you should arrive.