Afternoon/Evening Fastpasses?


I’m reading lots of forum chats, blogs, and using my touringplan optimizer and I’m seeing a lot of low wait times for the attractions I’m interested in, and I’m seeing a lot of use for my Fastpasses for afternoons instead of the mornings. I know this will mean I likely wont be able to get any additional fastpasses after my 3 are finally used up but does anyone think this is a bad idea? I’m a big fan of saving the epic rides for the evening when things start to get lit up at night so I feel like I’m ok with this but I’d love to hear other opinions on this as my Fastpass delegation day is quickly approaching.


I would book in advance your late afternoon fastpasses to make sure you get them. Then if you’re still going to the parks in the day, you can just do the standy queue.

The only attractions that I would worry you won’t get afternoon/evening FP’s on are of course Flight of Passage at AK, and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at MK. Otherwise you should be good to go.


my thought is to Rope Drop Flight of Passage that way I can use my passes for other things, AND we really don’t want to miss out on the extensive queue for FOP because we hear it’s amazing. &DMT isn’t a worry for me because I bought tickets for an EMM event and we will get to ride that a bunch of times. I just didn’t know how people felt about the afternoon ones being my first priority or if that was crazy. I feel like they may be easy to secure because everyone goes for the morning ones. Also, I know I’ve asked this in other threads but if the Extended FOP queue worth my time or are we nuts to make that a priority?


I’ll use HS as an example. We rope drop and ride TSM, ToT and RnRC first 3 in standby. Then I get FP’s for Star Tours, ToT and RnRC in the afternoon on our 60 day mark so we can ride our favorites again later in the day when crowds have increased, and we’re tired and don’t want to stand in line as long. It has worked for us pretty well here.


Great plan! We get park hoppers, rope drop and use early morning magic hours if available and then use those 3 FPs in the evening park. The only park that is an issue is Epcot because of TT and Soarin in the same tier - we usually have to bite the bullet and wait in line for one of them in the evening- everything else besides Frozen is a short wait.


We do the same at HS. We usually do standby at TSM a second time after dinner and before Fantasmic. Let’s hope it works just as well this time in May.