Afternoon Convention Touring

We are planning a trip June 10-19, Friday to Sunday staying at the Yacht Club Resort. I will be in class from 7am to 1pm, Monday to Friday. So we will have Friday, Saturday, Sunday and the following Saturday morning available for normal rope drop touring. CL are 7 to 8 during the weekdays. We would RP MK, AK, HS and MK and would do EP in the afternoons / evenings. Group is DGP, DGM and DGD7. DGP and DGD are active and DGM will move at her own pace. Want to do the water parks too. Seems hard to be efficient with touring. How do you approach touring on the class days at those CLs?

With FP+ it’s pretty easy to start touring at any time of day. Just leave yourself enough time before booking the first FP, and only include a few other must do’s and look at the wait times. Since you’ll have quite a few days it should be easy to space things out so you can do them all over the course of the week.