After Party Plans

How do you plan if you are going to After Party. I can’t create a plan with those After Party times.


Do they have an option to select After Party hours when you are selecting your plan times? I know this is where they ask about EE and party attendance. I’m just not sure if they ask about after hours events. If they ask, you have to toggle/ select it in order to create plans outside of the standard park hours.

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No, I was hoping for that. It bums me out to not be able to plan it like the I’ve seen for Christmas & Halloween parties.


Well darn.
@len any ideas on how to make a TP for After Hours?

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We’ve always said the After Hours wait times were so low that the limiting factor is likely to be how fast you can walk from attraction to attraction.

That’s especialy true at EPCOT, where the distance between (say) Remy and Guardians is substantial.

So I’d just plan on going from one attraction to the next, starting wherever you are, and minimizing walking distance.


@klarangeira what Len said is very true.