After park close ADR

So I wasn’t planning for ADRs this time - gong with a friend and we plan to pretty much snack it up at MK, EP and HS during the last week of June.

That being said, I love the parks at night. So I’m contemplating booking something in each park specifically to be there as late as possible. Of the other option is to hop in one last line - so I might do that also.

If I did decide to go the food route, what would all pick for one last dessert, appetizer, glass of wine or cocktail at the end of the night?

What is this “or” word you speak of? One of each is my suggestion. :grin:

Grand Marnier slushie would be high on my list for Epcot.

Ice cream from the Plaza (if it’s open), assuming Casey’s is still closed. Otherwise a hot dog and the ice cream!

Anything from the “sacred place” in AK (@OBNurseNH , I hope you’ll be happy I didn’t name it).

Something at Oga’s perhaps at DHS.


Oh yes listing all of these as options.

I’m not doing AK this time because I don’t have enough time and the others are taking priority, I wish I could justify parkhopper just for the sacred place. I miss it so :sob::sob::sob:

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I haven’t eaten at any of these places (yet), but if I was looking for late night ADRs, I would go with:
MK: LTT if you want a whole meal
EP: Rose & Crown toffee pudding
AK: Yak & Yeti - tuna nachos are on my list!
HS: Brown Derby or SciFi

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Yes!! We booked park closing ADRs at every park for our upcoming adult trip.