After Mardi Gras Parade for Riders?

What happens AFTER the Mardi Gras parade for riders as far as park closing? Can we possibly make it to DA and ride Gringott’s after? I loved staying in Hogsmeade close to closing, so I may avoid participating in the parade so we can experience nighttime in DA. (It’s a long shot for the virtual queue, but also debating the meal package.)

The parade start time isn’t consistent due to concert nights. It will depend on what night you do it and the park’s closing time. If it’s not a concert night, then the parade is the “last” event of the night with guests being ushered to the gates afterwards.

What’s your date?

:woman_facepalming:t2:I know better. 3/27-30 Parade time is 7:30, I believe, park close is 9.

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It will depend on which float you are on. The closer to the first float means you’ll finish first. The floats stop and hang out for minutes throwing beads at each parade “section”.

I think you’ll be done around 8:30-ish. It’s gonna be close! Plus, Gringotts’s is on the opposite side of the park. Good luck.

I’ve never been in the parade because of how much time it takes away from the parks. You have to get there so early to check in and stand around. Then the rest of the night is only parade. When you watch it, you have a lot more time & freedom available!!

I can’t help but think that DA will be less crowded during the parade, so it would be an awesome time for pics & spells.

My kids are usually bored out of their minds watching parades, that’s why I thought riding might be a better option. But, skipping it might be the best option of all!:joy:

Do you suppose it takes any crowds away from IoA? Or is it negligible?

Are you asking will it pull people away from Hogsmeade / Hagrid’s or IOA in general?

I don’t think you’d see any difference up there as it’s always busy.

Typically though the people that want to see the parade either start their day in USF or get over there late afternoon, like 5pm. So the evening crowds will be what they are at each park before it gets dark.

I’d say DA would be less busy than IOA because the people in USF will come out of there to go see the parade. Typically, the people already at IOA aren’t leaving it for the parade

Good info! Thank you!
I’ve got Sun & Mon all tentatively planned out! I have the day off, so I am doing what I do best: obsess over my touring plans!:joy:

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