After Hours Parties or Extended Evenings - what would you do?

I currently have a trip booked in July at BC for location & extended hours. (Me & DS 19) I noticed there will be an After Hours Party same night as our extended MK. Don’t want to give that up as haven’t been on Tron but … should I go for mod say CBR or Pop then purchase that and a MK one in hopes they’ll announce one there too? Savings from resort would add a day maybe 2 and the parties.
Little about us:
Have done parties 2019 loved them and were virtually empty not sure if would be same now.
Have not experienced Extended Evening hours.
Love the BW area and being able to walk & explore. Haven’t experienced skyliner at Pop and only skyliner at CBR when had a scooter due to knee injury so had different access then.
Any advice? Really not sure.

I saw a story on Instagram last night from a Disney blogger (MichaeldoesDiz)

He is in the parks often. He was comped a trip and they put him up at AKL. He did a whole run through on his stories about Extended Evening Hours at MK this past week. He said he prefers them to the paid AH events. But if you are able, hop on and watch his stories and see for yourself. I hope his current stories can give you some insight.

We are staying at AKL in two weeks and are excited to try the EEH since we always stay at the Fort and haven’t been eligible.

Thank you so much - I will take a look. Appreciate it. Enjoy your stay!

I haven’t done the paid evening hours events, but wanted to add - for the two of you, if you decide to move from BC, I would stay at Pop. Its a great resort and the skyliner access is really accessible. Its where I stay when it is just me and DD13. Far less sprawling than CBR, great buses, and completely charming.

Thanks! :grinning:

Funny enough, I just ran into this exact problem.

I got the email yesterday that the after hour dates were added through the summer and was so excited when I saw the HS one line up with my stay. I completely forgot I extended my OKW stay in order to do the MK extra hour until after I booked the HS after hour.

And then I remebered you had flagged this exact problem. :woman_facepalming: I am keeping the HS, but wish we could do both. DD and I can really take advantage of that time whereas DH likes to take things slow. We are staying DVC so I don’t have the same resort math as you.

Disney should really reconsider these dates.

I agree!

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I have a feeling that Disney has chosen these to overlap intentionally for some reason. Not exactly sure, but it could be a matter of assuming that it would better distribute crowds, or perhaps drive up some revenue at HS After Hours because it would appeal to all the non-Deluxe resort guests or some such thing. Who knows. It doesn’t seem random, but intentional.

I agree - it feels very intentional. In my case (DVC) it will help distribute crowds. But if I had booked delixe for the MK extended hours, I probably would have done what the OP did and move my resort reservation to a mod or value and spend the money on the event ticket. Which seems counterproductive.

But Disney clearly has better data than me!