After Hours Parties Logistics

As you can tell, we have never done an after hours. If you are already in the park that day involved in your TP, where do you do in each park to pick up your wristband? Do after hours even have wristbands like the holiday parties? Is the info that you are still supposed to be in the park riding available on your magic bands? Can you go to Guest Relations in Liberty Square to pick up what you need to?

There will be stands around the park where you can pick up your wristband and the flyer with all the info. I linked the one outside of Skipper Canteen.

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They distributed wristbands last month when we were there for after hours (last year it was a lanyard but it’s changed). We saw several locations in MK–one by PhilarMagic and another by Laugh Floor–I’m sure there are more.

The in-park wrist band pickup in HS is at the Ticket Central kiosk across the street from Starbucks. And yes, your linked DAH ticket should be on your magicband; they’ll scan your magicband at the pickup spot and issue you a DAH wrist band.

Thanks, everyone!

Also think there is a place to pick up the bands between Monsters Inc and Buzz at MK