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HI All -
Forgive me if I’m missing this on here, I’m still maneuvering my way through the new TP Dashboard ins and outs. I’m not seeing a way to select AFTER HOURS times on my day plans. We have hard ticketed events like MNSSHP and early hours or late hours for resort guests but not the AFter Hours ticketed events. Am I missing something?

You can’t build a plan for After Hours.

I am here to tell you that that’s because, with a very few exceptions you would expect, your wait times are 0-5 minutes for nearly everything.

Whatever you want to do in an After Hours evening, especially if you add on the hours you can enter early with your AH ticket, you will be able to. At MK on Monday, starting a little after 9pm, I did:
Tiki Room
Enchanted (fireworks show)
Mad Tea Cups
Tron (20 minute wait!)
7D (20 minute wait)

Plus I stopped for snacks and restroom several times.

You can add it as a Note in your itinerary if you want a reminder


I wondered that, too actually. I’m glad you confirmed it.
Good idea with the note…I’ll do that.

Thank you!

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