After Hours Events

They have added dates for Feb and beyond for the regular After Hours events.


Thanks. Now we have to decide if we want to do AK DAH.

At least you have warning! November was announced after most other plans were in concrete.

OH MY GOD THIS MADE MY DAY! MY MONTH!!! I was so worried they wouldn’t offer for the last week of January! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


And I spent part of my morning changing our plans I thought I had finalized!!!

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Are these tickets really non-refundable? I know it says they are, but in practice could you call and get your money back if you weren’t able to do it?

Others have mentioned being able to get refunds. I bought mine today, knowing there’s a small chance our trip could be re-scheduled.

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Unless they make changes, I don’t know if AK DAH is worth the money. I know that worth is very relative, but from all that I’ve heard about the event, it sounds like that there isn’t a lot available when you compare it to how far you are walking to get to the open attractions.

Thought is, arrive at 7 and do KS. After party starts, do Pandora, EE, and Dinosaur. We don’t really care about much else. We would do FOTLK and Nemo, but aren’t married to those. This would then allow us to use the ticket we planned to use for AK and instead do a second day (same day, but in the morning) at Epcot.

Out of curiosity, can anyone say how busy WS is on a Saturday in May with the Flower and Garden festival? We could move WS to our second Epcot day if we do AK DAH, but I know that F & W at Epcot on Saturday is debilitating.

AH’s question in general, is it wise to avoid these parks during the evening that an AH’s is going on unless you are going to the event? Assuming the guests with tickets for this event will come around 7 and that mixed with the regular guests for the day would elevate crowds some.