After Hours Event Crowds?

Thinking of taking the kids to the Magic Kingdom After Hours on March 16 or Villians After Hours on March 18. Since daily crowds are at a 10, can I still expect low crowds at these events? I know they limit attendance, but is it going to be a madhouse even trying to get through the parade & fireworks crowds? It is a big expense, so I want to know what I’m getting into.

I’m curious as well. I’ve heard that at these events, lines for the rides are generally walk on but entertainment like parades and meet and greets can have long waits.

I would expect that the first hour or so after park close will still have day guests in the lines for big rides, especially so on a large crowd day, and yes HEA will still be busy. If attending the event, leave the bigger rides until later.

We attended the Villain’s After Hours on Feb 14th (Friday that was CL9 in MK) and it was awesome! I wouldn’t say deserted but the longest we waited was for Mine Train, right around 11: 00 (after hours were 10pm to 1am that night) and the wait was about 15-20 min. Pirates was about a 10 min wait (max), Pooh was walk on, HM was walk on, PP was 5 min. Those are the only rides we did. We caught the second stage show and second “parade” and were able to get close up with little issue. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

On the night of our party, MK closed at 10 while the party started at 10. I wasn’t sure how this was going to work but luckily, the CMs formed a wall across main st to prevent day guests from going beyond that point. I would say the hub and shops were still crowded until 10:30 or later. If you are doing Villains, just know that there are other shops that sell the special merch - don’t get hung up on Main St. Startraders was selling items and there were very few people there. Emporium was insane with huge lines for the merch, 30-40 people deep. Glad we didn’t wait in that mess!