After Hours at Magic Kingdom question


I am planning to buy WDW tickets fairly soon for the week of July 4th and we would like to stay after hours for the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. We are staying off property. Are after hours only offered to guests who are staying on property? Any info is very much appreciated.

Nope, you can get DAH tickets whether staying on or off property.


Also, you don’t have to buy a park ticket for the day you have DAH, if you don’t want to go the parks earlier in the day. They let you in at 7pm, some people will find that gives them plenty of time to do things, and they take the first part of the day off from the parks. You could go to Disney Springs or just have a resort day, instead. You’d still have 6 hours to tour the park in the evening.


is DAH saparate admission or included on the Base Price ticket? I really appreciate you guys!

Separate admission


It’s pretty confusing! Also, they don’t even have fireworks times listed for July 4th yet, so who knows what is going to be available on that day. But these are things that MAY be applicable:

  • Regular park ticket- you’ll be able to see the fireworks but won’t be able to ride the rides afterwards if Disney After Hours (DAH) is offered. I don’t see that it is, yet.

  • DAH- Separate ticket, you can watch the fireworks and stay late and ride (if they offer it on July 4th). Don’t need a regular park ticket for this, but you can’t get in the park until 7pm.

  • Extra Magic Hours- These are not open to you unless you’re staying on-site or at an off-site partner hotel, but they don’t fall on July 4th at MK anyway so no problem there.

  • Fireworks Dessert Parties- extra fee for a ticket but you get nice treats & a reserved area from which to watch the fireworks. You DO need a regular park ticket to get into the park for this.

It’s crazy how many different add-ons there are, all with different rules!