After Hours at Animal Kingdom-Touring plan


We purchased tickets for the After Hours at the Animal Kingdom and are wondering if there is a touring plan for this event that might help us avoid any long lines-we only have this event to visit this park.


Since those are so new, I doubt there are sufficient data to make one.


And I think the point is that it’s so limited a plan isn’t necessary.

Go and have fun. See where the night takes you!!!


I was following a couple of Twitter feeds last night. I am sure blog posts will be published later today and I will link them here. It seems as if there was no issue doing everything. They even attended RoL and went to Tough to be a Bug. As they were posting: on EE you could pick any row, on FoP they used the FP line but allowed you to go through the lab areas if you wanted- they were only loading the center sections.


That’s particularly pleasing to hear.


I am still looking but found this


Another one


One more


@Principal Tinker those were very helpful links, thank you! I’m debating on doing the AK after hours event for my family. It looks like it would be worth it just for FOP! :wink:


For anyone thinking about doing the after hours, it is worth it. However, I would counter the advice from some reviews that says to get there before 8. We got there at 730pm last night and FOP staff said it would take an hour to clear out guests. The park was still really crowded until around 830. I recommend getting there near park closure and then heading to Everest. We rode that about 5 times and then went to Pandora after the regular guests left and the initial after hours rush there cleared out.
On another note, we went to after hours because the rope drop was an utter failure. We got there at 810am for a 9am opening. They were already letting a lot of people in and after a 30 minute managed walk to Pandora, the ride had a 150 minute wait. We bought the after hours tickets in line. I’m not sure what time you need to get there for a short wait at FOP but I think at least 90 minutes before park opening. The line would actually be shorter if you ride it in the afternoon.


When I went, the official park close was 8pm and the party start was 8.30pm. They actually closed the lines to FOP (and Na’vi) at 8pm and reopened them at 8.30pm. Even then there were still day guests in line. Party guests were given priority over them, but it did mean a wait of around 20 minutes initially.


You are totally correct. The official start time is 8:30 but since they will let After Hours guests in earlier than that, a lot of the reviews recommend getting to the park early
We found it super crowded and being there between 800 and 830 was a boon for Pandora. Everest was for After Hours guests only starting at 8 and the snack cart right next to it was open, and that was the only free snack place with fountain drinks we saw, but I am sure there were others.