After Hours at Animal Kingdom-Touring plan


We purchased tickets for the After Hours at the Animal Kingdom and are wondering if there is a touring plan for this event that might help us avoid any long lines-we only have this event to visit this park.


Since those are so new, I doubt there are sufficient data to make one.


And I think the point is that it’s so limited a plan isn’t necessary.

Go and have fun. See where the night takes you!!!


I was following a couple of Twitter feeds last night. I am sure blog posts will be published later today and I will link them here. It seems as if there was no issue doing everything. They even attended RoL and went to Tough to be a Bug. As they were posting: on EE you could pick any row, on FoP they used the FP line but allowed you to go through the lab areas if you wanted- they were only loading the center sections.


That’s particularly pleasing to hear.


I am still looking but found this


Another one


One more