After Hour Tickets?


Hello Team, i´m from Germany and I have a question. You know why you do not get Tickets for Magic Kingdom After Hours but for Animal Kingdom After Hours? For Animal Kingdom After Hours 2019 I received my tickets yesterday. For Magic Kingdom After Hours 2019 but not. Can you help me there.


You received your physical tickets already? I did not realize they did not send tickets for Magic Kingdom. I will be interested to see how it works at Animal Kingdom. I wonder is they will cut off the FoP line early to nn After Hours guests? I don’t think they should, but this will be interesting.


yes I have already received my physical tickets for Animal Kingdom After Hours. But for Magic Kingdom After Hours, which I ordered much earlier, I did not receive any tickets. But i can see my Magic Kingdom After Hours Tickets in the “My Disney Experience”.


That’s strange. I was told I needed to pick up my Hollywood Studios ones at will call. Maybe to verify the AP discount?


My AK tickets is scheduled to be delivered today. I bought 3 with the AP discount.


So very strange!


I have the solution. In the original email for Magic Kingdom After Hours is a barcode which I then have to show at the parc entrance. That’s probably different at Animal Kingdom After Hours.


We have tickets for MK After Hours on 12/10 and have to pick them up at Guest services to verify AP’s (at least that is what they said when we booked over the phone).


I am thinking that although I bought my tickets through the regular phone line and applied the AP discount, they could see my DVC too so they mailed my tickets? That being said, I linked the confirmation number from my email to my account so I don’t think I even need the tickets I just received?


I know with our tickets, we bought 3, and I am not linked to them (on purpose, my one friend has no less than 1,000 pictures each trip between DL and WDW, and she goes monthly. I cannot deal with 12,000 pictures a year on top of my own). They told her all 3 of us need to be there to pick up the discounted tickets since they could only see 2/3 of our passes.
Do you think this means if I buy tickets for me and my kids to go, only I will get the discounted price? They will just have regular tickets in the spring.


I think you can buy up to 5 with your AP. I bought three, they did not ask me who the other tickets were for. It is so strange that it seems as if they change the rules everyphone call.


Great, thanks.


And to make matters even more confusing to me, I just ordered Magic Kingdom After Hours for my February trip and they are mailing them to me…strange. I can’t figure out the rules.


I honestly think it depends on who answer the phone. I am convinced there is no reason for me to have my tickets and I definitely did not need them to be placed in an UPS envelope and be sent two-day air…