After HEA plan question

We are doing the HEA dessert party with Tomorrowland Terrace seating on a night HEA is at 9 pm and the park closes at 10 pm. Looking to minimize being in the crush of people when the fireworks ends. After HEA, is the large crowd of people moving to the front of the park mainly going through the hub? I was wondering whether it would be possible to get to the character meets at Pete’s Sideshow by moving away from the hub and using the path past Buzz, Tomorrowland Speedway and Dumbo or is there still an impassible crowd of people moving along that path to the front of the park trying to avoid the hub?

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I find that moving in any direction is pretty tough in the first few minutes after the show ends. It had become my preference to basically stand still and let the masses move along their way before I start trying to make my way where I’m going next. I do find that heading into the park tends to be less crowded then heading toward the exit at that time so you’ll probably do OK going in the direction you are planning to.


I will be doing the exact same thing on Nov 3rd (a saturday night). I was hoping to stay at the same place until once upon a time (at 9:45). Does that work or will we be kicked out of Tomorrowland Terrace ?

I don’t have prior experience but I’m planning on the assumption that if there is an after HEA party that night you are probably encouraged to leave fairly promptly.

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Yeah, makes sense…

Well maybe we’ll have time for a ride in Tomorrowland before the show !

That’s my Plan B if it’s too crowded to get to Fantasyland.

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One more try to get the Galactic Hero thing can’t hurt !!!