After HEA dessert party

After much analysis (way WAY too much analysis, lol) I finally decided to book the after-fireworks dessert party for our next-to-last full day in January, because:

  • We have never stayed to watch the fireworks on our prior trips and we really want to this time, but do NOT want to be smooshed in a sea of people
  • I’m thinking that doing the food AFTER the fireworks will also ease the process of exiting the park and getting on a bus?? maybe? (the crowd will have thinned…?)
  • By doing the food after the show, we won’t feel rushed through the food so that we can get to the viewing area.
  • I considered one of the cruises, which sound amazing, but I believe that the dessert party will give us a better view

I already had a 5:45 Skipper Tree ADR for this same day (HEA is at 8:00/check in 7:00), but I really don’t want to eat a big dinner so close to the party (also… $$$). BUT I was looking forward to experiencing Skipper Tree. So I snagged a new ADR for Skipper Tree at 4:30, which I’m thinking will be a light meal (at least for me, I’ll probably just get an app salad and/or share a plate), giving us a rest break. We also have BOG at 11:55 so I don’t expect to be super hungry at 4:30 and also want to save room for both savory and sweet at the dessert party.

Does this plan sound reasonable? Part of me is getting concerned that we have too many ADRs overall, lol, but there are a lot of places I want to check out, even if we don’t all get a full entree at all of them!

#eatingourwaythroughWDW :joy::rofl:

I would cancel your dinner ADR and just eat snacks before fireworks the. Enjoy the dessert party. You’ll eat up a ton of valuable park time with two adr so close together IMO.

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Yes, this is a concern I have, very good point!

Another option I’ve considered is to move Skipper Tree to our 1st MK day dinner. I’m hoping we can do EMM that day but have an 8am Plaza ADR as back-up, no lunch ADR. However I have HDD that evening at 6:15, so moving Skipper Tree there only works if I also move HDD. Could put it on our AK day 1, where I was thinking of doing the Tiffins/Lion King/Safari package, BUT that is not showing any availability (I don’t think it’s actually all booked up; I think they are either changing/eliminating it or have not released spots??).

What is Skipper Tree? LTD Skipper Canteen? Liberty Tree? Neither of these are can’t-miss in my opinion.
What about moving your BOG to PPO in place of The Plaza, moving Skipper Canteen (I assume) to a late lunch on the dessert party day? A PPO at The Plaza doesn’t give you any advantage for rope drop.

Yes! :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a good idea… BUT… On our MK1, which is a Sunday, I’m hoping they will have EMM. So the Plaza is really just kind of a backup/placeholder, and I’m willing to cancel it anyway, if they don’t have EMM and my family (hubby and 2 teen boys) are not interested in getting up and moving that early.

Also, I’m trying to do dining that we haven’t done before, and we have done BOG breakfast. I would not even repeat BOG, but since it will be lunch and we will try to sit in a different room than our other time, I figure it will be a “new” experience. :smile:

As of right now, I have ADRs for Skipper Tree on both of our MK days, until I finalize what we will do, lol. I’ll probably end up dropping them both, in favor of keeping HDD on MK1 and due to the dessert party and lunch BOG on MK2.

It does seem like a lot of ADRs. I completely understand, why you booked them. I am the same way, but as you are going when it won’t be super hot, I might consider having less breaks for ADRs.
I say this and right now I have a couple for BOG that I intend to only get a drink :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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