After Fireworks DP Arrival

We have the after fireworks dessert party booked on a night where HEA is at 9:00. The party is showing up at 8:00 in MDE. That’s just the earliest we’re allowed in right? We can essentially arrive at 8:59 and still be let into the viewing area? Oh, also for the after fireworks people do you still have to check in at the restaurant beforehand to get your wristband? Or can you also check in at the viewing area?

You need to check in to get your wristband before going into the viewing area so I would make sure you’re leaving time for that.

I had a similar schedule. It was President’s week and it was very crowded. By the time we went the bathroom, checked in, and got to the viewing area it was 8:25. This was the picture I took at that time:

So what you’re saying is get there as close to 8 as possible for best viewing within garden area?


Yup…I cannot sit on the ground. I was able to squeeze along the back fence. There was a very kind woman that allowed me to stand next to her. Unfortunately, every time her scooter turned it slammed into my left thigh/hip and I had a very large bruise for quite some time after that night. Learn from my mistakes !

Wow. Good to know. I wonder if it’s always that way or if it was because of the holiday.

I have read mixed results. I do think the viewing area was much less crowded than the rest of the park. I have been there many times in the past with lots of room, so this surprised me. I think like many things in Disney, I will plan for crowds like these and hope to be surprised by a small crowd!

Managing my expectations goes such a long way with how well I’m able to enjoy our trip!

And as I’m thinking about this I think my question is a bit silly. We went to the before DP in February but it’s both party crowds all in the same viewing area isn’t it? We didn’t leave the dessert area until 7:50 for 8:00 HEA and had plenty of room for the 8 of us plus our double stroller. For the after one, do you remember if you still had to go to Tomorrowland Terrace to check in?

I think I could have danced around the garden in the past. It is funny but the after party was not crowded at all!

and I believe with the after party, you can avoid the mad dash to the exits along with everyone else if the park closes right after HEA. I plan on this our next trip and can hopefully walk out of MK without tons of people

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That’s my hope as well! It’s our last night so I’m looking forward to soaking in the atmosphere

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You have to go to the terrace area and check in (you can’t at the viewing area). You will get your wristband and they will take you to the viewing area. We have done the after party twice and have loved it. Both times we showed up 10-15 minutes before HEA and had no problem finding a place to sit in the viewing area. They will escort you back to the dining area after the fireworks. There were very few people at the after party both times we have done it. No lines for desserts, plenty of tables. It was relaxing.

Thank you! Good to know. Trying to decide if I’ll be able to do any rides that night. Not planning on arriving until 7 or so. Hoping for res finder to come through with a 4ish dinner at AP before we head over to MK and wanting to be conservative with my timeline getting there.

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What time does the park close the night you are going? Both times we were able to get in a few rides after the dessert party and before the park closed.

Currently 9 and HEA is at 9. :expressionless:

Well, at least you can sit and eat dessert while you watch the chaos of everyone leaving the park.