After Fireworks Dessert Party 2018

July 2018 Dessert Party attendees.…Can someone give me some insight on crowd level for this past summer? Thinking of attending July 2019 and I’m wondering if there were any over-crowded dates, specifically July 5 through July 9. :ice_cream:

So we attended the after fireworks dessert party last July. It was amazing. We were one of 5 groups at the after party portion. It was so much better than the regular before fireworks dessert party (which we have done as well–it was much busier). We showed up about 10 minutes before HEA started and found a great spot on the “grass”. We sat down and enjoyed the view. If we every do an HEA dessert party again, it would definitely be the after party.

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Thank you for the info @dreamer. Do you recall when reservations opened up? I’ve read several places it was late March / early April last year for summer.

Good question. It was a last minute trip that I planned about 35 days in advance. Sorry–I know that’s not helpful. I have noticed that often the dessert parties don’t show up at the 180 day mark.

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Keep in mind the after party was still a new option July 2018, so it might be more popular next summer now that news has gotten out.

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That’s a good point.