After 5 ticket: which park?

So thank you to all of the enablers on here- I have a trip to Daytona in February and decided to go by way of MCO, and hey, arrive a day earlier than the rest of the family and spend that first night at ASMo just to get a fix, before picking up a rental car and driving to the beach. I wasn’t going to hit any parks, just visit Disney Springs, check out Jaleo, shop a bit…

Well convention after 5 tix are just $65… you know what happened. Chance to jump on the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy! Wooo!

Now I notice Epcot has EMH til 11 vs HS closing at 8… and Festival of the Arts is going on… but Millenium Falcon! Argh. What to do. What would YOU do, liners?

Save HS for when you can visit earlier int he day and maybe ride RoTR. My pick would be Epcot.


I would probably do Epcot as well. That’s an extra 3 hours of park time for the same price!

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It does seem like a 3 hour vs 5 hour argument. Test Track may be closed for refurb when you visit and Epcot has construction walls everywhere. RotR may actually be off boarding groups by then, but hardly certain. I’m actually voting 3 hours in Galaxy’s Edge over Epcot without Test Track, but I’m a Star Wars nut.

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