After 1pm ticket and Genie

Does anyone know how Genie and lightening lane works if using a conference ticket that allows you to enter after 1pm? We are staying on property. If I try to book when ll opens will it know to book me for a time after 1 pm? Has anyone had any success with getting hard to get rides while using timed tickets?

You would have to wait until times posted past 1pm.

You cannot pick Genie+ times past the offered times.


My bigger concern is LL - assuming my ticket is linked - would the computer know to offer times after 1 pm? LL goes so fast that trying to pick a time means you are left out :frowning:

No, it won’t offer you a later time automatically. The system used to work that way but they changed it months ago. If you have a particular ride in mind, just camp out on it and refresh until you see a time you can book. If it’s a fast booking LL, it won’t take you long to advance past 1pm.

If you are talking about ILL which you have to pay for individually, you can select any time that’s available beginning at 7am (that’s still true for onsite, right?)


Rides that are high demand will move into that after 1 PM time block quickly enough that you should be able to book a 2nd at Open + a little over 2 hours probably. Jungle Cruise, Remy, Slinky & Navi are the likely targets for that first LL. 2nd LL will likely take longer to find something in your zone depending on demand that day - your likely targets are Peter Pan, Test Track, MMRR & Safari. A lot of the other rides were running close to immediate last week so it gets trickier to really stack a lot, although if you’re running immediate you can book another immediately once you badge in.

And ILLs you can still select the available time. Nice perk of the paid I guess as it makes planning so much easier.

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