Afraid that if I try and modify my FPP I'll lose hard to get ones?

So, when I made my FPP at 60-days out there were no more FPP for A&E, and I would like to keep checking to see if any open up...

But I have a fear that if I go into see if any have opened up that I'll lose my 7DMT ones.

Can someone ease my mind - can I go and see if somethings opened up without losing what I already have? THANKS!!

You can hit change/modify and they will NOT change until you pick something else and hit update. If you don't see anything you like just hit close without updating

Okay, I was pretty sure, but I've been so worried about it... Okay, I think I might give it a try.

I have been having trouble with this also. it seems when you want to check if anything has opened up it only checks for the time you currently have the one you are looking to update. So in other words you can't look at all the times available unless you cancel the FP+ and then try to book another.

As long as you don't accept the final confirm button, there isn't any problem. In fact, since I have a whole trip's worth booked, I'd end up doing just that. What day are you looking at? I find the easiest way to check is on a computer since you can see all attractions and all times, on a mobile device is not as pretty

I don't think it restricts your choices to times that match the FP+ you are considering changing, but it will not show you times that overlap your other existing FP+'s.

I always just check the one I would change. For me it was splash. I would hit change experience and see if something else was available .i never had a problem.

Same as @pricipal.. I did this a dozen or more times trying to get an FPP. Won't change anything until you hit the final confirm button. I wish you could do this with ADRs...

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I am wondering if you can check for FPP's at a different park than you already have your FPP in. Each time I try to change experience (on computer) it only shows me the available FPP for that park. Do I have to cancel those to check availability at another park?

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Unless there is some sort of "trick" that I haven't been able to figure out, if you want to change parks, you have to completely cancel the ones you have and start over in the new park. I wish they had a "master" list of FPPs similar to the TS list for making ADRs.Even if the software restricted you from making FPPs in multiple parks, it would be nice to be able to see what was available at all 4 parks at one time...

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Someone on oldchat this morning suggested instead of going to modify one, try having it select 3 news all over again (without canceling what you have, of course). That way there's no interference with existing fpp and you can see everything that's available. I admit I don't know exactly how to do this, haven't yet tried, but sounds like a good tip.

I just tried that and it works!