Aerophile Balloon Ride

Went to Downtown Disney to try the balloon ride. It’s pretty neat, but for Unofficial Guide readers, try to time it around the Illuminations show. We did and we absolutely loved the view from the top. The show started promptly at 9pm, so we went in line at 8:35p. It was too close though, as we were the cutoff from the first group to the next. Had we gone with the earlier group, we would have not seen the fireworks show.


Is there any way to reserve this attraction or do you just show up and get in the Queue? Can you show up, register for a spot, get dinner and come back ?

This was five years ago, so I’m not sure about current policy. When we did it though, there were no advance reservations. We had to wait in line and purchase our tickets in person. Still, I would time it just before illuminations, granted the time of year you visit and how much foot traffic there is. Best of luck!