AE FP+ 9.20 - 9.27 huh?

Just curious. I booked at 1 am at 60 days out and could not get a single FP+ for AE from 9.20 to 9.27. Has anyone here had success during these dates? Thanks.

My dates are 21-27. Stayed up til midnight for FPP day and started looking at the 26th and worked my way back. Nothing. I check every couple of days. No luck, yet. :frowning:

Sept 24-28. 60 days out. 12:05am EST. Nuthin. Nada. Nil. Got ONE for 7dmt. No other days available. Parades and wishes totally gone. All other fpps easily available whenever I wanted, but had to finagle/change the times after the software assigned defaults.

And these are crowd level 1-4 days.

Been told to keep checking at random times often. I can attest that it works for ADRs so one would think that it’s possible for fpps.

We are there Sept 21-26th and I was online at midnight and tried for our last day for just 2 FPP, and there was NOTHING! Kinda crazy I think!! I’ve also been checking every couple days and nothing.

I’m been trying to explain to DD6 that we won’t see them… she has met them before. So hopefully she’ll be content with the sing-a-long and festival of fantasy parade.

I soooo wish they were meeting at HS - DD6 keeps asking if we can stand in line to meet them, but I’m not waiting 2-3 hours. UGH!

I was able to get A&E on 27th for four people, and my sister got A&E on the 23rd for 6 people. We actually both got it for the 23rd, but I changed mine because her time was too late, and I didn’t want to not be able to get my 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. FPP. We were both online at midnight 60 days out. So they were/are available. I’d keep checking for cancellations.

Just keep checking! We had the same issue when we booked FPP for our trip (8/23 - 8/31). Two days ago we were able to snag FPP for both AE and 7DMT for 8/28.

Good luck!!

It’s a function of ride capacity. There are probably 20,000 people in the park on a slow day, and the entire A&E capacity for the day is well under 1,000. So if just 5% of the guests want FPs, they’ll run out.

OTOH, Pirates’ capacity can be as high as 2,500, so everyone in the park could get a FP.