Advice When Not All People in the Room Need Same Ticket Length

We are going down in October for a 9 day trip with 8 day park tickets.

My granddaughter is going to come for part of that time (I haven’t added her yet). She will only be needing a 4 day park ticket.

Do I set us all up for 4 day tickets and then add to ours once we get there? Will I be able to keep the 8 days worth of park reservations since I do have the resort stay?

What about a room only stay? Then you can purchase the tickets you need separately.


I have considered that but do not want to lose the park reservations I currently have if I can help it.

October should be wide open for a while longer still.


You’ll only be able to book park reservations for the number of days on your tickets. I would switch to a room only and buy the appropriate length tickets for each person at whatever vendor had the best price. TP does have a ticket calculator tool.


That’s what I figured. Thank you!

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