Advice/thoughts on Fantasmic dining package options

Ok, so I posted yesterday about my ADRs but I’m already second guessing my itinerary. I wasn’t planning on doing HS at all, because there just isn’t that much to do for a 1 and 4 year old and I’ve never really been a huge fan. But, the more I think about it, I don’t want the kids to miss seeing TSL.

Now, I’m thinking we’ll split our second day at EP, doing Akershus PPO breakfast at 8:00 am, ride FEA, check out world showcase for a few hours, then take the boat to HS. Plus, while not a fan of HS, I’ve always loved Fantasmic.

So… My question is, what are your thoughts on best TS at HS for the Fantasmic dining package? I honestly haven’t eaten there in over a decade!

Hollywood Brown Derby is the best food, but Mama Melrose’s is the best value. Hollywood & Vine would offer characters if the kids are into that. Not sure you can go too wrong with any of the 3 - I’d check the menus and see which one you’re most likely to want the most expensive thing on the menu at as that will be the best value…

We ate at both Mama Melrose’s and HBD on our last visit and enjoyed both immensely. MM was for Fantasmic!


We did H&V for the characters and got the Fantasmic package. But our kids (also 1 & 4 ) fell asleep before Fantasmic and we never did it! Food was ok. Characters were fun. Fantasmic - dunno :-/

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lol. I was on the fence about doing the package for that exact reason, but we are doing the dining plan, so if we don’t make it to the show, no huge loss.

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Thanks for the restaurant tips! We have a bunch of character meals already planned, I think we’ll change it up and do MM.

++ Hollywood Brown Derby

I would double check the menu to make sure your kids will eat the food there. I’m not sure about their menu what they have for kids, I’m sure it will be fine but I’d double check.

if there’s one thing they can’t get enough of, it’s pretty much any kind of pasta :grinning:

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I think Mama Melrose is very underrated as Disney is concerned. Our family has never had a bad meal or experience there.

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On the dining plan, Mama Melrose’s is a better choice than HBD for the package as it’s only 1 credit at MM and 2 at HBD. Basically you’ll get Fantasmic! for free either way though on the dining plan which is a nice bonus.

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My 4 year old loved Mama melrose when we there this summer. He got the kids chicken Parmesan and it was huge. HS was his least favorite park because there wasn’t much for him to do. TSM was closed that week.

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