Advice? One park Christmas week?

Ok - need some liner thoughts…me, DH, DS7, DD2 - did MK and HS on our October trip. Heading down to visit family week after Christmas staying CBR but planned no parks due to high crowds and since we had the October trip already. Just got one day free tickets given to us - we are usually a low crowd family so Christmas week scares us! If we brave the crowds with free tix and can only do one park WWYD? Thinking maybe EP or AK since we didn’t do those last trip? Never done AK before at all. Thoughts??

If you’ve never done AK, I think you’d love it, especially with kids at those ages. It won’t be as crowded as other places, and the weather will be very comfortable to wander around and look at the animals. You can also have some fun doing the Wilderness Explorer activities while you are there. If you have a little extra cash, a character meal at Tusker House would be very fun as well!

I would definately choose EP. The countries all have special decorations and programs that are not available at other times of the year. EP is also the best at “absorbing” larger crowds. The “Holiday Tag” at the end of Illuminations is also very worth seeing.

I am biased, because EP is my favorite park, but I would say Epcot. It always feels less crowded to me because it is so large and everything is spread out, so the crowds won’t be terrible. We went last year for Christmas and the only park that was too much for us was MK on Christmas Eve. We usually go in summer so we’re used to crowds, but that day was too much for us. We ended up hopping to Hollywood for a little bit of a break.

Oh, never been to AK?! Do that! Although the Holidays Around the World is- in my opinion- the coolest Holiday offering at WDW not to mention the Holiday tag for Illuminations, the decorations in the nearby Boardwalk resorts, Candlelight, etc

Having taken DD4 to the Candlelight Processional this past weekend, it isn’t a good place for all young kids – about 10 minutes in, she was asking when it was going to be over. When we took her to see the storytellers at age 2, she fussed the whole time. If it were just two adults, Epcot would be a wonderful experience for the holiday season. It’s the bringing of kids into the huge crowds with many things that will bore them to tears that I’m nervous about.

Good points!