Advice on Video cameras

Hi All,
I am looking for advice on Video cameras at WDW (and Universal) - Firstly let me say I have never had one and have not yet brought one, however as my Daughter is getting married whilst we are there, it seems a good excuse to treat myself to one for the wedding and also in the parks. I am no streamer or youtuber, and will not be filming myself, only the park scenery and hopefully on some rides. I am looking at getting a Hero 7 Black because apparently it has great stabilisation and doesnt need a gimble, and also waterproof so doesnt need a seperate case for water. So my questions are:

  1. I have seen on some youtube videos that the presenter says “oh I can’t use my camera on this ride” - Where do I find a list of where cameras can or cant be used for each of the parks (including universal if possible), this would also include the water parks
  2. Having no experience, what is the best method of filming, I dont want wander around with my arm held up constantly, but still want to be able to change what I am pointing at quite quickly. I have seen wrist mounts, head mounts and chest mounts. Does anyone have advice in this area?
  3. In terms of accessories, I have no idea what will come with the camera, but are there any "must have " accesories people would recommend?
  4. Any other suggestions, do’s or don’ts relating to videoing in Orlando parks

{soapbox}Don’t take videos, full stop. Live in the moment.{/soapbox}


When you get to my age and you want to be able to see things you did to help remember, before you forget it, videos become more compelling

Gotta agree.

Take lots of photos and make photo books afterwards. You can also edit a video together using photos. We used to take videos. They mostly languish on out computer, unwatched. The photos we look at all the time.

You can snapshot a moment and stay in the moment. Taking videos, you will miss a lot.

Agree. My mom took videos when we were there in the 90s. We watched them once and never watched them again. She even did a video riding BTMRR. I can see using your phone to video a special meet and greet, but that’s about it.

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Photos really are a better choice, and I will give you an example as to why.

I am a calm, patient low-energy parent, as is my husband. My kiddo is excellently behaved. But on days when we are tired or have blisters or hungry or whatever, photos capture still moments but don’t capture the grumpy edge to our voices that occasionally appear, or the 10 minutes begging my daughter for another photo, or the drone of kid who is hungry.

Photos capture all of the magic with none of that pesky realism. :joy:


Also agree with above, and about the meet and greets. I was able to catch two special moments on our trip on video…first when we had dinner at 1900 PF, we were the first in line to meet Cinderella and the prince when they started meeting, and while we were getting Cinderella’s signature, my DD5 got a quick dance with the prince, including a little twirl. On top of that, it was after our BBB makeover that morning, so she was all dressed up…adorable. Second was when we met Aurora in Epcot, we were waiting for another family to clear out the meeting area, and Aurora took my daughter for a “little stroll” as she put it, chatting along the way. I got the phone into video mode as quick as I could, and I was so happy! So, having the camera at the ready was helpful in both of those moments…you never know when those special moments will sneak up on you! :slight_smile:

Thank you all, after getting over my initial indignance at being told “don’t”, I think you have talked me out of it, so the plsu side is I now have and extra load of cash to do something else :smiley:


Assuming you have a decent smartphone, it’s likely that you can get pretty high quality video with it. You can get a cheap grip or tiny tripod to use as a handle, or if you want smoother stabilized video, you can get a stabilizer such as DJI Osmo mobile. Of course this serves a different purpose than a Gopro as you can’t wear it etc, but it’s one option any way.