Advice on touring plan please :-)

The first day at the park is in 2 weeks. I have boys ages 7,5 and 22 months. Thanks for your help in advance!

Day 1: You have quite a bit of Free Time at the end, so you can probably fit in some more attractions (although some of that Free Time may be used lining up for Fantasmic)
Day 2: You might want to play around with not using FPP in the morning so that you can have them for either Soarin’ or TT in the evening.
Day 3: A lot of Free Time (including a hour before your break), so you can add more attractions to fill up the day,
Day 4: Again, a lot of Free Time - you know the drill :wink:

only two fast passes used on day 3 ? use one for Wishes? also as brklinck said AK goes pretty fast so save fast passes for pm in Epcot ? test track my kids age 6 and 5 loved it

Thanks for the advice. On the morning we go to AK after we use our fastpasses I was going to then book our fastpasses for the evening at Ebcot. Do you think that is a bad idea and that there won’t be any fast passes left when I go to try to book them that afternoon?

Off the top of my head I would think that there would not be many useful FPP at EP once you get to a kiosk there. Hopefully someone with some actual experience here can chime in.

TT and soaring at Epcot will be gone by 11am. Most other Epcot fpp are gone by 1ish . The problem is that there are not enough rides at Epcot. I would agree with @brklinck do AK without fpp pre book for Epcot instead.