Advice on room request via My Disney Experience

I just reserved a Courtyard View double bed room at the Wilderness Lodge for Dec '21 via My Disney Experience. When I went into online check in to make a room request the only drop down option was “near lobby” for both Option 1 and Option 2. I have read on numerous forums and sites that there used to be multiple options for Courtyard View rooms including specific floors or “upper floor.” Can anyone comment on why I have so many limited options? Have room request options changed?

I am not sure on that as I have never stayed at Wilderness Lodge. I do know this much, You can request what your looking for on this site via the reservation maker request option. If that doesn’t work for you, when you get there simply ask the clerk for what you want and if it is available they will often time change your room to what you want. The secret is, “Be Nice”.

Have you used the Hotel room view tool on touring plans? You can take a look and request by room# or similar. Looking at the map of the Wilderness lodge, one of the wings of the hotel is now copper creek villas, not sure if that has impacted options.

There have been reports recently that every resort have been reducing the online check in request. No one knows if it is Covid related, a computer update, or Disney not wanting requests.

If you want something, I would use the touring plans request:

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I second @PrincipalTinker’s recommendation to do a touring plans request. If you wait until you arrive, they’ll have already assigned you a room. They might be able to move you at that point but if the hotel is pretty full they may not have anything vacant that meets your preferences.

Feel free to tweak the fax to request what you want - for example, when the most important thing to me was an adjoining room, my request read:

For our upcoming stay, we’d like to request this kind of room: Disney’s BoardWalk Villas. Adjoining Rooms. Exmple:5065, 5063

We will be traveling with Jane Doe, confirmation number XXXXXXXXXXXX.

Our highest priority is to get adjoining rooms. If this is not possible, we would like the rooms to be as close to each other as you can manage.

Anything you could do to keep us close will be very much appreciated! Thank you.

We were lucky and got adjoining rooms that were pretty close to the room numbers requested. I was so psyched!

Also, I’d advise not to ask for too much. It’s easier for them to meet one or two specifications than six! Good luck.