Advice on my plans please



Kids are not big on coasters so we are skipping those.

Travel dates are 3/31/15-4/4/15

thanks so much in advance!

EP looks pretty good.

HS has a lot of free time in it, which means that you should add in more attractions and re-optimize. When you add in the additional attractions you may find that you will have a better use for the FPP+ reservations than VotLM and LMA. Also, do you really want to do MV3D twice? I could see doing ST several times as it is different each time, but not MV3D. Sorry @LuvMuppets :wink:

[quote=“brklinck, post:2, topic:11478”]
HS has a lot of free time in it, which means that you should add in more attractions and re-optimiz[/quote]
Or, add an extended break. This could be a good day to enjoy the resort pool, eat at the Boardwalk, play miniature golf, or something else on/around property if you don’t find enough attractions to fill a whole day’s worth of touring plan. With FPP, you could also get away with arriving late if you don’t want to leave the park once you’ve entered.

I’m puzzled why you wouldn’t use FPP for Rock n Roller Coaster? Only on the busiest days will that help with Voyage of the Little Mermaid and seeing it first thing in the morning I don’t think you’ll be denied entrance into the show if your arrive without FPP.

For Epcot, I’m surprised the touring plan didn’t recommend Spaceship Earth and then Sum of All Thrills. I can’t imagine the wait time savings will equate to what you lose in doubling back, at least at that hour of the morning. I also don’t see a lunch break, but nothing you’re planning for the afternoon is going to change much if you’re behind schedule.

I have run several plans involving these attractions, and you always do better doing SoaT first and then going back to SE. SoaT is a slow loader with limited capacity, so the line can build up quickly.

I’ve never been there first thing in the morning, but the wait time seems to stabilize at 15-20 minutes whenever I’ve looked early in the morning. Since TP was predicting 14 minutes I didn’t see where that would change dramatically in half an hour. If the plan were forecasting a walk-on, then I could see there being a significant difference. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I’m having trouble understanding based on my limited experience with the attraction at park opening.