Advice on holiday touring plan

At UOR RPR 12/28/18-1/2/18. Have a 3 day park hopper. Have early access. Don’t get in til after midnight on 12/27/18. Therefore, thought we would use 12/29/18 as a veg by the pool and tour the resorts day as we will be sleep deprived to make rope drop on 12/29. Wanna do at least one immersive 2park/1day Wwohp day…thought 12/30/18 good for that. Based on crowd levels, do IOA 12/31/18. Then USF 1/1/19. Depart early 1/2/18. Wanna leave some down time at RPR during the peak park daytime crowd levels to reenergize during the day on 12/31&1/2. AND NO WE CANT COME EARLIER OR LATER AND KNOW USF IS A ZOO ON 12/31/18. Thoughts from my planning wizards?

we were there last year on December 24th-27th and with EP this was not bad at all. I think any plan is fine. We park hopped and rode the train back and forth. The worst wait was for Gringotts and DM. Even FJ wasn’t bad. Maybe worse on NYE but doubt it. Get there early (they open at 7). Do not do the HP rides prior to EP time with EE the waits was actually longer than EP. However with EP will miss the entire castle for FJ so if want to see that then do EE. Waits climbed to almost 2 hours but EP was around 20 minutes.

Great. Will proceed as planned.

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