Advice needed please - WWYD December resort swap

Hello everyone,

I’d love your advice please! Our honeymoon was supposed to be in May at AKL. We rescheduled to December instead of cancelling.

We’ve now had a call to offer us a 1BR Villa at Old Key West instead. Totally gutted about AKL being closed but it’s clearly not meant to be this time!

We’ve never been to OKW so would really appreciate your advice about the swap offered. We had booked a Standard View room at AKL but I’m not sure how this compares to OKW villas. I’ve seen other swaps posted but they’re to/from different resorts :thinking:

  1. Is this a good swap?
  2. Would you take it or request somewhere else?

Thanks for any advice

For just the two of you for a honeymoon I might press back to ask why they can’t offer you a room at the AK villas. In this case I would not consider it an upgrade; IMO AKL is one of the most romantic places on property and while I love OKW it doesn’t nearly have the same ambience I’d be wanting for my honeymoon. Besides, you won’t need the space of the 1BR with only the two of you. I would explain exactly this to them and ask that they find you something at the AK villas.


Agree with OB, I’d find out about staying in the AK villas. AKL is deluxe, OKW isn’t right? SeeMs they gave you a bigger room to make up for it. I’d be looking for standard rooms at other deludes if they can keep you at AKL…

OKW is deluxe, in that all DVC resorts are counted as deluxe. It also has the largest rooms on property.

But I would push for a Kidani studio.


OKW is deluxe, but it doesn’t equate to AKL for this kind of a trip IMO


Ah okay, didn’t realize that!

And agree, they should just get moved to the villas!