Advice Needed For 1 Day Park Hopping & G+/ILL Limitations

Looked for old posts on this topic, but I didn’t see any exactly on point. (If there IS a blog post or thread about this, I’d love to have the link!)

Going on a Disney Cruise soon, but we’re arriving a bit early so we can pack AS MUCH park-going in ahead of time. (Figure we’ve got an whole week to relax once we embark, so we can “burn the candle at both ends” for the first 1 1/2 days of the vaction.) Arriving Thursday 2/15, staying @ Bay Towers, have 4pm HDMR dinner reservations, and EPCOT AH reservations that night. Friday 2/16 is going to be 1 long park hopper day between HS & MK. I have one general question & two specific questions about that single day.

My general question is how we should handle the 1 Day Park Hopper we have for Friday 2/16. The last time we went was Feb 22, so we are generally familiar w/ how G+ & ILLs work circa Feb. 2022. However, it’s possible (likely?) Disney has tweaked their G+/ILL policies since two years ago. (We’ve also never done a “Virtual Queue” before. We 100% plan to rope drop HS in the morning, then head to MK in the afternoon/evening since MK stays open until 11pm. Since we’re staying at Bay Towers, we might do a mid-afternoon siesta depending on how things shake out. (But I’m also concerned about losing momentum, so we might just do a generous ‘in park’ break instead.) My understanding is that we can’t enter the 2nd park until 2pm, correct?

Specific Question #1 is how to technically create the Touring Plan for a park hopping day that involves two parks so “the right hand knows what the left hand is doing”? Is there a way to stitch BOTH parks into a single Touring Plan so the software takes into account all the various limitations related to G+, park hopping timing, purchasing ILLs, etc? If not & we’re supposed to create two Touring Plans (one for each park), then how do we optimize the overall day and/or ensure the overall plan isn’t inadvertently violating real world limitations we’d inevitably run into when it comes to securing G+ LL times, purchasing ILL tix, etc.?

Specific Question #2 is pretty basic: Assuming ILL purchases are limited to 2 rides per day & we intend to go to HS in the morning & MK until late night (11am), how do we allocate those ILL purchases between SDD, ROTR, SDMT, and TRON?

First answer is that You can now park hop at any time.

And since you don’t need park reservations with a 1-day ticket and are staying onsite you can try for a Tron VQ at 7am. Up until fairly recently Tron enforced a policy of being within one hour of your boarding group time. Some people have reported being allowed on a lot later but I’m not sure I’d want to risk it.

Personally I would do an ILL for Yeon and RotR. Do 7DMT either during early entry or standby.

Slinky is a G+ ride. That should be your first thing to do right at 7am - it goes quickly and you may end up with a late ride time. You can try to modify it after.

Then buy ILL for Rise close to your Slinky G+ and finally Tron. You can choose your time for ILLs.

And yes, you’ll need 2 plans.