Advice needed - Departure Day meal!

I need help and insight :grin: I’m practically a WDW rookie - especially when it comes to dining on property.

We are looking for a NON-Character dining meal for departure day around 11:30am. Here are the current options online.

Audience: Me, DH, DSis34, DMom/Grandma, DDad/Grandpa, DS4, DS8

Concerns: Cost, Catering to very picky eaters (kids & some adults), Breakfast and lunch options, 2 hours or less

What do you recommend for us and why?

  1. Trattoria Al Forno
  2. Boma
  3. WCC

ETA: we are staying at CBR and will have a car.

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Boma. Lots of options on the buffet to satisfy picky eaters.


Boma, Boma, and Boma.

Our absolute favorite breakfast on property (and the only buffet I’ll do)


Of those?


But my tradition has become Homecomin


Am I going to regret a 11:25 reservation when they stop reservations at 11:30?

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I don’t think so. You certainly won’t be alone at that time.

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I took my trio of thirty-something picky eaters to Boma for breakfast. All of them found something they enjoyed. As well as the resort itself and the savannah.


I had a late reservation at Boma last year and while we weren’t alone we did feel a little rushed. It could have been our server and she was just ready to be done for the day. I also thought they started Consolidating the buffet a little soon after we were seated so it was like “better fill up multiple plates bc we don’t know if we’ll get this on the return trip” kind of thing.


I think Boma is your best bet. WCC is not for everyone. I haven’t been to Trattoria.

Thanks everyone! @mousematt and @Jennifer_B_97290509 thanks for your insight on picky eaters at Boma!

@LTinNC82 this was my worry! I found a reservation at 10:45 which should give us time to see animals after breakfast but before our flight

@Flavita - thanks for the WCC heads up. I saw your trip report and was worried about the antics there.

@ScottFL and @OBNurseNH - glad to hear you like Boma! I’m trying to avoid DSprings at all costs.

Now the real question will be if I keep these reservations or change my mind a million times in the next 30 days lol. :crazy_face:


No one said that you can’t do both.