Advice for viewing Happily Ever After fireworks?

I’ve seen a lot of older threads on this topic, so not sure the advice is still applicable. What is your best advice for me and my youngish (5 & 9) kids to see the fireworks at MK?

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There are two main choices: inside Magic Kingdom or outside, from a nearby resort.

Inside has some benefits - music, closer to the action, maybe a few other things.

Drawbacks can be the congestion, loud noises, and the shuffling out of the park as the crowd tries to leave, waiting to board Disney transport.

From a nearby resort, the congestion is much less. Music might be piped in. The view is from a distance but yet there’s a bigger picture.

We have family members who are happier in less congested areas, so we often see the fireworks from the Polynesian boat dock. We have left MK before the fireworks to take the resort launch (between the boats to Wilderness Lodge and the Monorail ramp.

If I’m inside MK, I’ll opt for the area between the carousel, Mickey’s Philharmagic and Pinocchio Village Haus. You won’t get the projections here - or when viewing from a resort. We’re really there for the fireworks, rather than the whole show.


If you don’t mind the extra spend, the post fireworks sweets party can work well. You get into the viewing area first, so can get a seat by the rail for small people, the eat sweets as the crowds rush out.

If you only want the fireworks I LOVE watching from the bypass bridges on the water in Frontierland. It’s dark, quiet and you can get a spot less than 15 minutes ahead. They pump the music in as well!


I know music is piped to the Poly beach and WL water area.

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I love to see fireworks from Main Street. With the right vantage point, you get the way HEA was designed to be viewed.

Getting the right vantage point from Main Street can be a commitment of time. There is a pathway near Plaza Garden. For fireworks, CM will put tape down on Main Street to keep that pathway clear. It you are standing right behind the tape, you will get 3-4 feet clearance right in front of you so you don’t get butt views or head views when HEA starts.

Here’s what you get if you are standing right behind the tape: This can be a commitment of time.

This past trip, which I just come home from on Friday, I watched HEA twice from Fantasyland, once from the bridge between the hub and Fantasyland, and once from Poly.

From the Bridge - The music is very, very soft because there are no speakers in the area. But it’s not crowded. You get projections and some of the low fireworks and some pyros. I got a rail spot around 7:35 for an 8 HEA.

From behind the carousel - Sometimes, the area may be closed because of unfavorable winds. The first time, I just walked up. Fireworks go off around you. But you don’t get projections or pyros.

The second time, I got to see the beginning of HEA while on 7DMT!

Then, I got off the ride and went to sit on a bench behind Pinocchio Village Haus and enjoyed the big aerials with music for the remainder of HEA.

Or like @janamelia said, a monorail resort works. There is music and fireworks. But no projections, pyros, low fireworks, and crowds. You can just walk up. Bundle up! It can get cold on the water if its windy!

Pick something that works for you!


There are great photo shots of the fireworks’ reflections in the windows of the Contemporary Resort, as well. :heart_eyes:

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Yes! You can watch fireworks from the balcony of Contemporary! I haven’t done that one in years.

I’m being misunderstood.

From the Poly dock, the Contemporary windows present interesting photo opportunities.

A park view balcony at the Contemporary seems unlikely. :smile:

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Awesome thank you! Approximately how early must one line up to get a spot right behind the tape? We want to watch the show in the park and see and hear everything.

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Are there bridge (or other alternate) views where you can see Tink fly?

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FWIW, If you haven’t seen my oldish post: These fence spots in the hub are excellent viewing, but the big variable is how long before the fireworks you need to get there to grab one.

Back when I wrote this, we got there about 8PM for a 9PM HEA on what turned out to be a CL 8 day.

Since then I’ve heard people say you really need to get there up to 90 minutes before, which makes it less appealing unless you count that time as a sort of rest period, methinks. And, unless you go during an After Hours night, it WILL be crowded.

On our trip this summer we just couldn’t make the timing work, which made me sad. But we ended up making an executive decision and hitting BTMR for a few rides while HEA was running which was great.


At least an hour. You have to be standing around and ready to sprint behind the tape.

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I saw Tink fly from the bridge to Fantasyland.

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Thanks for your reminder!

Same. Ride times are short around fireworks time!


Perfect! That seems like the place for us.

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I remember you writing this a while back. Such a good idea but I appreciate the time considerations.

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No music from the bridge, though.

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Hmm. Good point. Gotta get closer to the hub I suppose. Our family just doesn’t sit around very well to get a spot!

Thanks all