Advice for Upgrading to Annual Pass

Heading down in a couple weeks and planning on upgrading to an AP. A few questions that I could use help with.

  1. Where can I physically complete the transaction? Staying at Beach Club, can they do it there? Or guest relations in park?

  2. I have pre-purchased the memory maker. Does this get included in the cost when I upgrade?

  3. Can I pay for the annual passes with gift cards? Pretty sure I know the answer to this one, but want confirmation.

Thanks for any help or experience with this.

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I only know that when I did an upgrade, I was unable to do it at my hotel. I had to do it at a ticket booth or guest services at a park.

Sorry I can’t help with the other questions!

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  1. Yes, MM is included with AP. If you talk to the CM about it they might be able to give you a credit on a gift card or something, but I don’t think they’ll refund it outright.

  2. Yes, I was able to use my gift card to upgrade with no issues at all.

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Go to guest services at the International Gateway entrance for Epcot. There won’t be much of a line - incredibly convenient from Beach Club. We were going to Epcot to start our trip anyway, but even if going elsewhere, I’d likely just walk up there from BC to activate and then walk back…