Advice for rope-dropping 7DMT?

Anyone have any tips for rope-dropping Seven Dwarves? I’m aiming for front of the pack. TIA

Not exactly front of pack, but not bad.


That should end up an ok wait. Let us know how it turns out.

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Sorry, I’m too late for your question, but here is to those who might wonder. Arrive front to mid pack. They will hold the crowd in front of Cheshire. When they allow you to proceed, if you’re not in the front of the pack - veer to the right behind the teacups. That is how far back the line will be.


Also too late for the question today, but indeed looks like you were pretty well positioned - well done!

In case useful for others in future: if arriving with strollers, we’ve found that stroller parking can be a bit awkward at 7DMT. It’s basically right opposite the entrance, along the fence at WtP or around the little grassy “island” of shrubs between 7DMT and WtP, so would advise that you send one person from your party to park it while the others get in line (or park is somewhere near tea cups while waiting and come back to it). If you line up with it and then park it at the front after the line starts shuffling you may need to move quickly.

Overall we’ve found the the atmosphere at 7DMT RD a bit too tense if moving with young kids, at least on high crowd days, and decided to ILL it last time to instead knock out first PPF/WtP and then Adventure/Frontierland with second RD, which felt much more relaxed that starting off the day battling the 7DMT crowd.