Advice for June 2015 trip

Trying to make our initial itinerary for June 2015 so I can plan for ADRs. We are going from the 18th through 26th with 7 day PH tickets (in parks from 19th-25th as first and last days are for travel). First three days will be MK, than AK, then HS (which is Father’s Day). Last four days will be two in MK and two in EP. Trying to determine how to plan… The 25th is AM EMH at MK. Although I want our last day to be at MK, DH doesn’t want to have to do 8 am start to make RD for EMH the day before we leave (since we will be leaving early to drive home). Also don’t want to do Wishes last day of our trip to avoid a late night.

Was thinking of doing MK on 22nd and 24th and EP on the 23rd and 25th but 23rd is a crowd level of 10 in EP with AM EMH at 8 am. This will not be an issue getting there for RD since we are staying at BW and will be able to walk. Would do Illuminations on the 23rd (could rest easily in afternoon at resort since we would have an early start) and Wishes on 24th (would rest mid day as well most likely). Then 25th would do EP probably after RD and consider hopping to MK to do a few things for our last day in parks depending on how tired we would be or just go to pool to relax.

So basically my question is… Am I crazy to plan on Epcot on a crowd level 10 day when there are AM EMH and do Illuminations the same day?

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Hola @lizard428!
I think you’re better off with a 10 at EP than a 10 anywhere else. EP handles crowds better. Be sure to take the midday break so you can make it to illuminations with enough enthusiasm!
Have a great time and I hope I see you there! I’ll be there June 6-20!

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Thanks for the advice @quicha! I’m going to see how it works out getting dinner ADRs at BOG as well as that will dictate our plans a bit.

I looked at crowd calendar again and may do EP on 22nd with Illuminations that day, MK the 23rd, MK the 24th with Wishes that night, and EP in 25th. This would avoid two late nights in a row and avoid the EMH all together. Although I’m game for at least one day of EMH (I never can sleep in Disney, I’m too excited), DH is never excited about the early mornings. We were supposed to skip Disney this year so I am really trying to honor his few requests so he can enjoy himself as much as possible since he agreed to the trip this year.

Not sure if it fits the budget, but Illuminations dessert party - really any of the special events - is a nice way to find space in the middle of huge crowds. We were there in 2014 the same time frame you are going and did MK party, SWW fireworks party and Illuminations. It was so nice to have the secured location.

We never rope dropped and did everything we wanted to - I had a friend and her daughter in tow for their first WDW trip and they were very happy. Pool breaks every day is a must.

Don’t melt! Happy planning!!!

Thanks @MagicMN for the suggestion on the dessert party for illuminations! I was looking into it then read somewhere there are no reservations up past January or something and they are getting rid of it:(

I have now changed our plans… again… we have switched to GF and now not staying club level. Since we are driving this time, we realized we can just bring snacks, water, etc. with us and save the money we would have paid for club level and instead be able to stay at a monorail resort. That IMO is even better. So now I have decided to do Epcot the 22nd with Illuminations that night, MK the 23rd (early bedtime), make RD the 24th for MK 9 am opening and do Wishes that night, and then Epcot the 25th our last day and then if DD is “bored” at Epcot (we typically have only spent 1 full day at EP), we can always hop to MK to finish out the day with a few things there if she wants. Although this could potentially change again depending on if/when we are able to snag a BOG dinner ADR. With PH though it shouldn’t be a huge problem regardless of the day we get BOG.

We will be there the same time, @lizard428! Well, our trips will overlap. We are the 16-23 at POR. Enjoy the planning!

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