Advice for going to UO affordably after 5 nights at WDW

I love Disney!! I love being able to stay at deluxe resorts for $250/300 night & then purchase like a 5 day park hopper for $350. I’d like to add on a couple of days at UO but geez everything is so expensive. Just driving over there for a day would cost my family like $500 for only 1 park. Wondering if anyone has any tips for visiting there without blowing our bank. I tried looking at a room to stay onsite and it was >500 and that doesn’t include the park tickets. Thanks so much!!

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First of all, check out MouseSavers for a good listing of UOR discounts and deals

Hotels: In my experience the UOR resort prices are usually in line with the comparable resorts at WDW, so I don’t know whay you are finding them so expensive. Last minute reservation when there are no longer any discounts available? Anyway, there are a lot of off-site options that are great deals - MouseSavers has a few good recommendations here.

Tickets: UOR is like WDW in this respect - a steep initial ticket cost, but then adding on extra days gets significantly cheaper. In fact, UOR is more expensive initially, but adding on additional days is much cheaper. For example, a 3-day WDW PH from UT is $358, but a 3-day UOR P2P is $225. So, to lower your per-day park cost go to UOR for more than one day - it’s a great park, and really needs at least 2 days to really enjoy it!

Thanks for your input! I think I’m used to renting DVC therefore staying deluxe for moderate prices. I was looking at Royal Pacific Resort and the room I wanted was more than $500 night…yikes. I looked on tripadviser this morning & did find some lower rates for the same hotel. So wondering if I don’t book directly thru them if I would still get the express pass that is available when staying there. (Another reason this hotel interests me). I think last visit to WDW I paid around $350 pp (thru parksavers) for 7 day park hoppers, which is why UO ticket price kinda shocked me. Thanks again!

As far as I am aware you get the same express pass benefit regardless of whether you book direct or not. You also get it for both check-in and check-out days, so you can stay for just 1 night and get two days of unlimited Express Pass - you just need to go to the resort first and get your tickets validated for EP.

I can confirm, no matter how you book your stay at Royal Pacific, Hard Rock or Portofino hotels, you will still get the Express Pass for everybody on the reservation.

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Confirmed again. RP, HR and Port you get the express pass. We LOVED this perk!!
While I was checking rates - please note that the longer you stay the lower the cost per not (usually) Also bought tickets via undercover tourist and you can save a lot.

We found the prices at Universal LOWER than WDW in most instances. Also try switching around your timing. We had wanted to do Universal AFTER WDW but it was $100 / night more. So we switched it to prior. Do NOT get packages at Universal as they really don’t provide any savings and lock you in with more restrictions. Look at the discount sites - but also call Lowes directly and see what they can do.