Advice for first time Halloween Party attender?

Hi Experts - I am a frequent visitor to Disneyland but have never attended the Halloween party. This trip will be a friend gathering – adults only – and we have tickets for the party on October 2. I’ve read some message boards and I feel like I have the big picture, but what are the little things you would recommend for a group of grown-up kids? We will have two additional days in the parks, so I’m not sure that rides are a priority unless the lines are short. Good parade viewing spots? A must-eat treat? I’m the Disney ‘expert’ (aka addict) in the group, so everyone will be looking to me for info. Thus I’m looking to all of you. Thanks!

Read this. It has all the answers.

My two cents: Rides will totally be a low priority as there is SO much else to do! As for trick-or-treatingm I can get bulk costco candy so it’s only fun for 1-2 stops and then I’m set to go do other experiences. LIKE getting pictures with characters in their Halloween costumes.

My priority is characters. The ride lines can be short on the earlier dates like yours, and if you want candy, do it later at night when there are NO lines, but I think the characters are the priority but many of them don’t come out until after 9. That was a disappointment to us. They have a calvalcade of the villains having meets at the town square around 9 pm. It may be earlier on the midweek nights. It’s great. Ask a CM about it.