Advice for experienced Dis family taking someone on their first trip

We (DH, DD, DD, DS) are experienced Disney addicts (this is my 22nd trip and like the 18th for everyone else). This year, we will be taking my daughter’s boyfriend (19) with us.

Any advice from Experienced Liners who took an adult on their first trip? Any special preparations you did in advance? Things you did or did not do on the trip that went well or that you wish you did differently? We have given him the Bible (Unofficial Guide) and prepped him with videos. He is very used to the pace of our family and that won’t be an issue (due to a very bad home situation he lives with us at the moment…he is very compatible with our family). I want this to be a fun experience for him and as painless as possible, lol.

Thanks so much!


That sounds like a lot of fun! DD’s boyfriend is lucky to have you.

Everyone is different so the number one piece of advice I would have is to know your audience and don’t try to fit a square peg in a round hole. It sounds like you know him well enough and he is easy going enough to enjoy your pace, so I wouldn’t worry too much! Just do what you’d normally do and have a great time!

That said, be mindful of how he is reacting to the flow and if he’s overwhelmed or bored, adjust accordingly. Flexibility is key when you mix touring groups. Also, I recommend splitting up occasionally to give them some alone time.


This is great advice. I am certain she wants time to go off and experience Disney with him without us around. This trip also celebrates her early grad from college (she is just 21 and he is almost 20). I was thinking of maybe treating them to a nice (outdoor) dinner alone.


When I took my bestest friend I questioned her as to type of rides she likes and dislikes to begin planning what to do.

Things are different with shows parades and nightime shows not going. So thats less questions.

try to gauge what to focus on. Star wars. Pixar. Pandora. World showcase. Classics. Fast paced rides. Focus on him but do not forget your own favorites.

Keep in mind how the parks are now because of covid.

And most of all have fun. Adapt as liners do.


I saw that you asked this on chat too but I can respond in more detail here.

I have done this twice in the last five years. The first time the adult had a young child. That trip included long breaks, early nights, and the understanding that we would never be on time for rope drop.

The second trip was a “do everything” trip- attractions, dining, special events.

I would ask some specific questions: when you think of Disney World, what do you think of? Find out what park they think of, do they love coasters or will tat make them sick? Do they want great food or grab and go?


GREAT idea!

I love the UG - obviously - but that could be seriously overwhelming, especially for a first-timer. I would recommend offering him the most recent Birnbaums for more of an overview and lots of pictures and side notes as a starting point.


Since @OBNurseNH said it first…this is the book I buy for first timers. TP used to publish the color companion (is that the name?) and that was a great first step too.

Birnbaums was the book a friend bought me before my first trip. It is simple but provide you enough info, especially if you are traveling with a liner.

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Luckily he has been in our house, and surrounded by all the UGs, for almost a year. Otherwise, yes, being handed that tomb could be daunting.